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  1. We are proud to call home the bungalow constructed by United Consultants at No.25 Sua Serenetea – which is now called “Blue Skies” since the owner, Captain Riyad Batliwala, is a pilot. The quality of construction of our house is excellent, but more importantly, the entire experience of buying and completing the house has been extremely positive. Mr Navroze Sethna was open to all our modifications, suggestions and requirements, and implemented them carefully and committedly. The financial transactions were clean and entirely above board. And even now, almost a year after we occupied the house, the company is very responsive to our requests for support. It would be hard to find such a clean, honest and committed construction company anywhere in India.

  2. Brilliant and hassle free experience coupled with SUPERB QUALITY and very reasonable pricing. Thank you for giving my parents and me the HOME OF OUR DREAMS!

  3. Well done! Be it the accounts maintained by Satheesh, the office follow up by Rakshit and Mary or the site execution by Navroze, all were in perfect synchronization. The overall service and quality were EXEMPLARY!

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